DR Philip Schofield

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18. Apscon 07: "STEPS".

Vienna, 1900. Freud is formulating the basis of psychiatry..the manner by which the personality or the psyche develops, the steps from childhood to maturity. The first inklings of the "nature vs nurture" debate. Are we moulded by our familial environment, or by some inbuilt, inherited construct?

2000: The human genome is deciphered. The genetic code, the alphabet of life, had been deciphered 50 years previously. Now we have the complete "book of life", with all the codes for all the steps of "being", from conception to death. In principle, we have the complete code for all the genes for all the steps of our physical life, our genetic inheritance. We can resolve once and for all the "nature vs nurture" question?

My work references these issues, and mirrors the steps of "being", with overlayering of the factors in the steps of life, from conception to maturity, with particular reference to Freud's Vienna and to the genetic code.

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