DR Philip Schofield

The principal theme of his art practice is the fusing of art and science, and the bridging of the "two cultures". By virtue of his experience in science and in medical research, he is uniquely placed to initiate and consolidate such syncretism. In practice, he uses the printouts from a variety of imageing devices used in biology and medicine, such as DNA scans, and combines these with personal fragments such as photographs and documents.

These juxtapositions produce new forms of biography and autobiography, and allow new expressions of singularity and selfhood. They also provide new forms by which to visualise and decode contemporary biology and medicine.

He has exhibited works on the theme of the fusion of art and science both nationally and internationally.

Selected solo exhibitions include:
Charting memory, framing memory. University Gallery Newcastle, 2007
Fusions 1.2. Am Soc Trop Med Hygiene Congress, Denver, 2002
The Basel Studies. Swiss Tropical Institute, Basel, 2002
Protozoografica. ICOP XI, Salzburg (Austria) 2001
Fusion 1.1: art + science. The Australia Centre, Berlin, 2001

and the following group exhibitions:
Verve, Tamworth Regional Gallery, 2007
Verve, Manning Regional Gallery, Taree, 2007
Steps, APS Contemporary Group, Albury , 2007
Remnants, APS Contemporary Group, Mildura, 2006
Verve, University of Newcastle Gallery, 2006
FIDEM 2004,29 Congres International de la Medaille d'Art. Lisbon 2004
Palimpsest. Mildura, 2003
FIDEM 2002, 28 Congres International de la Medaille d'Art. Paris 2002
Intersections of Art and Science. Ivan Dougherty Gallery. Sydney, 2001
Relative values: common ground.University Gallery, Newcastle 2001
Elements. Hunter Photographers, Lovett Gallery, 1999
Merzing Schwitter's Genes. Poster presentation. Genetics Society of Australia convention. Melbourne April 2003


Overall, his art practice spans a variety of media and approaches. In general, they may be loosely subdivided into:
- mixed media
- illustrating
- the "new" photography
- medallic sculpture

However, it is inevitable that there is considerable overlap and crossover between these various categories, particularly with respect to the art/science fusion themes cited above.


Exhibitions of mixed media works on themes other than art/science fusion include:

New Adventures of Mark Twain : coalopolis to metropolis. Pearl St Gallery, New York, 2007
Solo exhibition: Whimsical Fusions. Gallery 307, Sydney 2005
The Nanatsugama Project. Echigo-Tsumari Triennial. Japan, 2003
Small: a touch of colour. Back to Back Gallery. Newcastle. 2004
Childhood. APSCON, Adelaide 2004
Fantastique. Back to Back Gallery, Newcastle 2005
Japan Japan. Watt Space, Newcastle 2004
The Japan Group. Mater Hospice, Newcastle, 2004
Open Sesame. Back to Back Gallery, Newcastle, 2007
New Adventures of Mark Twain : coalopolis to metropolis. Lovett Gallery, Newcastle, 2007
Collectors Care. TAFE Front Room Gallery, Newcastle 2007
Lightness. The John Paynter Gallery, Newcastle, 2007
The plastic bag. PODspace, Newcastle, 2007
Waste as Art. Honeysuckle Workshop Newcastle, 2008


Books and illustrations:
He has been involved in a wide range of activities in the graphic and visual arts in the last three decades.He is the author of 3 books of cartoons, and has illustrated a number of other books, ranging in subject matter from Freudian psychology to the French exploration of the Pacific.
He has also worked as a freelance cartoonist for most of the major Australian newspapers and magazines, including The National Times, The Financial Review, The Australian and The Bulletin.
He has also worked as a cartoonist for scientific journals such as Trends in Biochemical Sciences to explicate cutting edge scientific concepts by means of cartoons.
He has also been commissioned by a large range of corporations and medical research institutes to provide illustrations for advertising, corporate reports, magazines and newsletters, etc. Clients include MBF, Prudential Australia, The NSW Health Commission and the Garvan Institute.

List of books authored, books illustrated and other illustrating works:

Books authored
Sticky Wicket. Hodder and Stoughton,1982
The Australian Book of Pommies. Tamerlane, 1982
Rule Britannia. Columbus Books, 1982

Books illustrated
Lost in the Freudian Forest. Pergamon, 1977
Brain and Behaviour. Pergamon, 1979
Staying Well and Getting Better. Doubleday, 1981
Stress, Drugs and Health. Pergamon, 1983
Examination Medicine. Williams and Wilkens, 1986
Community Nursing Practice. Williams and Wilkens, 1985
The French-Australian Connection. The University of NSW, 1985
French Navigators and the Discovery of Australia. The University of NSW,
How to Care for Yourself. MacDonald Futura, 1987
Guide to Students. The University of NSW, 1988
Controlling your Drinking. The University of NSW, 1987

Illustrating: other media (newspapers, magazines etc)
Regular contributor to:
The National Times; The Financial Review; The Australian; The Sydney Morning Herald; The Bulletin; Alumni Papers; Australian Medicine; Medical Observer; Trends in Biochemical Sciences; Purchasing News; Australian Photography; The Medical Journal of Australia; Sydney City Monthly; Comdec; Australian Stock Exchange Journal; Sydney Opera House; Purchasing News

Commissioned work
NSW Health Commission; Australian Graduate School of Management; The Corporate Storyteller; The Garvan Institute; Centre for Continuing Medical Education; Wellcome Australia; The Australian Council of Health; Federation of Asian and Oceanic Biochemistry; Amersham Australia; Prudential Australia; Calbiochem Australia; Adis Press; MBF


He has been extensively involved in photography, and has exhibited widely, both in solo and group exhibitions. He is acknowledged as an expert in formulating and presenting new modes of photographic expression. He has won prizes at both the national and international level. These awards include:
Gold medal, Sydney International Exhibition of Photography, 1997
First Prize, (Prints) Inaugural Exhibition of Illustrative Photography, 1994
First Prize, (Slides) Inaugural Exhibition of Illustrative Photography, 1994
First Prize, Australian Photography Open Competition, 1995

He has also lectured widely on aspects of contemporary photography, and has written extensively for photographic magazines.

Photographic exhibitions

Elements. Hunter Photographers, Lovett Gallery, Newcastle, 1999
In Focus. Headmasters gallery, Sydney, 1998
Decadence. Muswellbrook Regional Gallery, 1996
Decadence. Dubbo Regional Gallery, 1996
Transformations. Photographers Gallery, Sydney, 1997
Mix Pix. Balmain Watch House, 1997
Mix Pix Two, Balmain Watch House, 1998

Bibliography of publications in photographic journals etc

Gallery. Australian Photography, 83-84, Dec. 1995
Dislocation. ibid, 77, Aug 1996
Between the Dream and the Dawn. ibid,72-73, Sept 1996
Freestyling. ibid, 50-53, Oct 1996
Location, (dis)location. Image, 16-17, Nov 1996
Review: Selfcentred is universal. PHOTOgraphy, #7, 4-7


He has made a number of small bronze sculptures related to Dante's "Inferno" which have been exhibited both nationally and internationally.
He has also produced a series of "art medals" (or "medallic sculptures") which have also been exhibited internationally. His work will be represented in an exhibition of Australian art medals in New York in 2009.
He is a member of the International Federation of Medallists.


FIDEM XXX, Colorado Springs, U.S.A. 2007
FIDEM 2004,29 Congres International de la Medaille d'Art. Lisbon 2004
FIDEM 2002, 28 Congres International de la Medaille d'Art. Paris 2002
Dante in Australia, Federal Airports Authority, 1996
Dodicima Biennale Internazionale Dantesca, Ravenna, 1996
Dante in Australia, Atrium Gallery, ABC Centre Sydney, 1997